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A tool which gives you upper hand to other freelancers

Automatic quick bidding
Real time projects
New project notifications
Relevant bid proposal

Place bid on projects Automatically

Bidman places bid automatically on newly posted projects within second, which will double your chances of getting response from the client.

You can also limit automatic bidding to fixed time and number of bids.

Bidman allows you to apply multiple filters on projects.

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Bidman Pricing

  • Automatic bidding
  • Search Projects
  • Bid History
  • Autobid interval
  • Autobid limits
  • Multiple Proposals
  • Exclude skills
  • Exclude countries
  • Minimum budget
  • Bid amount variation

When you register for Bidman, you start with a 5-day* free trial subscription. This free trial period allows you to explore all the features of Bidman.

* When registered, you will get 2-days free trial instantly. 3 additional days trial will be given when you verify your contact details.

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Automatic bidding

Bidman automatically place bids on newly posted projects within seconds.

Bidman also allows you to set custom gap between each automatic bids, you can set between 1 to 20 minutes.

You can also set time and bid limit for your autobidding session so that you dont have to worry about turning off your bidding.

Project filters

Bidman allows you to filter projects for autobidding.

You can activate and deactivate skills, exclude unwanted countries and set minimum project budget.

When bidding automatically, Bidman will use these filters to decide on which project to place bid.

Monitor every placed bid

Bidman keeps complete track of all the bids you have placed. You can view bid content placed on each project.

You can also view the time difference between project posting and bid placement time. When autobidding, Bidman usually places bid within second after project is posted.

Write multiple proposals
Choose project skills
Start automatic bidding
Monitor and analyze placed bids


This app is our problem solver. Our response ratio increased a lot after using autobidding feature of Bidman. Our team can now focus on closing deal with clients instead of writing proposals and placing bids on each project.

Rashid Company having 400+ reviews on freelancer


Our working experience with Bidman has been fantastic. It's making bidding very simple, fast and dynamic. We have been working with Bidman for almost 2 years. We are getting very good response and as well as projects using automatic bidding service. We don't have to bid on projects manually anymore.

Toseef Individual having 220+ reviews on freelancer


This software is helping us in getting more projects. I own a content writing firm in India. My team mates are loving Bidman they way it works. They just need to turn on autobidding and start doing more productive work than waiting for relavant project based on our skillset.

Nidhi Indian profile having 150+ reviews on freelancer

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